Stresa Convention Center
Stresa Convention Center


Whatever your need is, we will make sure to provide it.
We want to help you in  every step you will take here at the Stresa Convention Centre.
Whether you are organizing an event or a business meeting, we will assure you that you will have every service that you will need.
Take a look at the services we offer you and if you have any other suggestion let us know!


From starters to desserts, our catering service is guaranteed by top Italian professionals who give their utmost attention to every detail.

E-Commerce: exhibition services

Save time! Access our convenient online ordering system for your basic event needs.

Branding & Signage

We can handle all aspects of advertising, product placement, event branding and sponsorship at Stresa Convention Centre in order to increase your.

IT communication

Stresa Convention Centre provides a wide range of IT and Communication services to support all your event requirements. Our goal is to provide comprehensive voice and data services to help you remain in touch with your business and customers during your event.
Talk to our experienced team who will help you to improve your event in any way you want.

Set up & Equipment

Our team is in constant search for new materials and technologies, plus wide-ranging experience, enables us to offer the best solutions at the lowest cost, whether your project is complex or straightforward.

AV & Technical staging

If you will need any type of equipment we will be able to provide it to you. And if you want to impress your delegates with some high-impact special effects, our team will be on hand to suggest the best solutions and the most innovative technology.